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Our services consist basically of 3 macro activities: surveys, risks management and loss adjustment:



The survey consists of an inspection carried out by an experienced and qualified surveyor, and is aimed to get a specific estimate of a commodity or of a shipment damaged during the transport, or during any other kind of event, as well as deepening on the causes and responsibilities of the damages, with close attention to the contractual terms, the specific laws, the identification of the having right party and the recovery actions.

  • Controlled Temperature – goods (our specialty): Goods that must maintain a certain temperature during the transport, to preserve their quality, for example, foodstuff that have not to fail the “cold chain” process.
  • Fruits and colonial products (our specialty) Fruits and products which in the past came from European colonies.
  • Machineries /production lines / plants in general: Particular attention to the technical characteristics of any type of machinery and plants in general.
  • Theft and robbery: analyse and deepen the critical issues that can occur during the transport.
  • Loss prevention: prevention of losses, or adoption of appropriate measures to reduce the risks arising from loss events during the transport phases; or ascertain and verify the state of origin of the goods before shipping
  • Liquids and bulk cargo in tankers: goods or cargo improperly packed (especially naval transport) such as oil and coal
  • Transhipment and checks at delivery: check carried out in view of a transhipment, transfer of transition of the goods from one type of transport to another (for example from rail to air transport)
  • Kasko
  • Iron and steel products: everything related to processed and / or semi-finished products, such as coils, plates etc, of any alloy and / or raw material

Risk Management

The Risk Management service aims to protect and increase the value of a company. It is the most extensive form of our services, we analyse each risk that may arise during all the stages of the production, packaging, lashing and transport in general. After that, we are able to suggest strategies to mitigate and to manage the risk, being a complex and detailed process to evaluate several factors: the context, identification of risks, assessment of priorities, defining the objective.
In addition, we also provide consultancy on the more appropriate insurance policy.

Loss Adjustment

This is a complete management of the claim, a direct connection to manage and control the situation of each claim from the beginning of its process until the final act of the settlement.

Each company needs to be able to manage damaging events that may originate from a shipping process or production. Mo.bi. Consulting care about the complete management of claims by monitoring all the procedural steps: collection of documents, appointment of a trusty surveyor, management, supervision and final phases.

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Theft and robbery

The growth of Mo.Bi. Consulting boast an experienced staff, dedicated on the investigations and inquiries regarding: Theft – Robbery – embezzlement, thus creating a corporate specialty that can offer a specific service, as well as connections with competent and parallel markets, connection with the local authorities, analysis of the dynamics of events etc, with the purpose therefore to find back the goods and/or to highlight any possible wrongdoing.

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